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Merithew Law is a comprehensive business law firm, with additional experience and service offerings in intellectual property, land use and development, and environmental and energy matters. We aim to provide competent, fair, and honest representation for clients through long-term relationships that foster growth, success, and protection for all involved. Our diversity of experiences and interests provides us with highly developed legal abilities and problem solving skills for our clients in the modern business world. Our attorneys Forrest Merithew and Jake Farrar are both licensed in North Carolina and California, and Forrest is additionally licensed in Colorado.

“We enjoy working with businesses and entrepreneurs who have a passion for what they do.”

Merithew Law welcomes the opportunity to consult with individuals, businesses, and non-profits regarding business development, product or premises liability, intellectual property, risk management, and any other potentially important legal matters. We will work with you to discover and develop a successful solution to your legal situation.  Learn more about us on our profiles.

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forrest-whitebkg2About Us

We provide legal services and consulting in North Carolina, California, Colorado, and to businesses and companies across the country and around the world.  Our full service practice is focused on the areas of business development and consultation; liability analysis and risk management; contracts and transactions; intellectual property; insurance coverage and defense; environmental and energy matters; land use and development; and civil and commercial litigation, with an emphasis on working with and in the outdoor recreation and gear industry. A major focus of the firm is working with businesses to minimize the risk of litigation and claims through comprehensive general counsel and risk management work, although we provide litigation services as well.

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