Real Estate and Property Law

Forrest is well versed in general real estate issues, easements, and related litigation.  Forrest has experience drafting both residential and commercial leases, contracts, easements, HOA and COA documentation, and other real property documents.  If you are the renter, then it may benefit you to have a potential lease reviewed by an attorney, especially in a commercial situation.  Each business has different needs and perspective liabilities.  By having an attorney involved, you further protect your business while decreasing potential liability.  Forrest can also assist in the recovery of deposits by renters or monies for damages by the lessor.

Forrest has handled real estate contract and litigation matters, including personal injury and premises liability, property line disputes, title disputes, easements and natural resource licenses, and more.  Forrest has experience tendering matters for insurance coverage and then handling them through the final stages.  If you have any property or real estate issue for which you believe you may need legal consultation or representation, don’t hesitate to contact Forrest.  Finally, Forrest has experience and appreciates defending homeowners in potential foreclosure actions and working with Home and Condo Owners Associations (HOAs & COAs) in a multitude of legal situations.


The Use of Access Licenses to Protect Landowners, and Their Insurance Policies

NC Stormwater Drainage and Landowners’ Rights and Responsibilities

Decreased Landowner Liability for Recreation and Greenway Access and Easements on Private Property

Understanding Different Kinds of Insurance Coverage and Application

Property Law, Insurance Coverage and Defense – Property Line Issues and Responsibilities with Trees, Branches, Limbs and Roots

Environmental, Construction & Property Law – North Carolina Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control Act and Laws


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