Forrest has experience working with HOAs and COAs, and the many legal issues they face, both in the process of construction, development, and real estate, and then through the continued existence during ownership.  He has been involved throughout the creation of developments and condominiums, including their respective ownership organizations, and the subsequent handoff from constructors to new property purchasers.

Forrest has also assisted and consulted HOAs and COAs with regard to their regular maintenance and the legal issues that develop in due course.  He is happy to consult with HOAs and COAs to discuss what they need short term and long term, and the challenges they may face.

With the recent economic dip, homeowners have found difficulties covering their costs, and HOA and COA fees and dues are one of the first items that go unpaid as a result.  Forrest has worked with homeowners and Associations to discover a sustainable solution between the parties.  Where liens and foreclosure are necessary, Forrest has represented both sides of the conflict – securing the required documents and processes for HOAs, while assisting homeowners in creative problem solving to preserve their home and their relations with community they purchased into.


Lien Process For Unpaid Assessments, Fines, and/or Dues


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