Municipal Law, Zoning, & Eminent Domain Articles

Municipal Law, Zoning, Takings & Eminent Domains

Asheville is a happening city, and because of that interest and energy ever growing.  Forrest has been involved in city and community development roles, and worked with both local and state municipalities in development, construction, and conservation matters.  He appreciates the hands-on approach the City of Asheville, and the surrounding region, take on development and growth.  Forrest is available and happy to represent municipalities, businesses, and/or individuals in any municipal, development, or other land use matter.

If you are involved in any condemnation, easement, or land taking matter with a government entity, it may benefit you to hire legal counsel to ensure that you are getting the best possible outcome for your scenario and value for your land.  Any negotiations with the government, whether they be for construction and development, taking, or other situation, would be benefited by working with legal counsel familiar with the law, issues, and possible outcomes.  Forrest’s legal and personal experience in development, construction, and real estate issues provides him with additional insight to use in any municipal law matter.

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